Anaheim Town Square Announces FREE Web Surfing

January 27, 2014

ANAHEIM, CALIF. January 27, 2014) -- NewMark Merrill Companies continues to add new shopper amenities at their properties to enhance the shopping experience for customers and build sales for merchants. NewMark Merrill selected Anaheim Town Square as one of the first properties to launch the company's free wireless internet service with plans to install the service at more centers.

While some stores at Anaheim Town Square, located at located on the corner of State College Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim, already provided free WiFi for their customers, the internet service range was limited. Anaheim Town Square shoppers can now stay connected to the Web as they stroll throughout the center. "Basically, we're casting a huge net around the center, making it one great big hotspot," said Heather Danko, Marketing Director for NewMark Merrill Companies. Shoppers only have to register to use the WiFi service one time during a visit to Anaheim Town Square. After they register, the shopper's mobile devices will automatically connect to that center's internet service on return visits.

No passwords or pesky login menu are necessary. WiFi users will also receive special offers delivered to their cell phones each time they visit Anaheim Town Square. "Maybe it'll be a free cookie from a store one day and a 20 percent discount from a store the next," said Danko. "Each time it will be something different, adding a little excitement to their shopping experience. Our goal is to improve the shopping experience for our customers."

For more information about the center wide WiFI at Anaheim Town Square call 714.956.3411 or visit Anaheim Town Square is part of a portfolio of over 72 shopping centers that NewMark Merrill Companies owns or manages. Visit for information about NewMark Merrill Companies, LLC, owned by Sandy Sigal. Since 1984, Sigal has led NewMark Merrill in the management, acquisition or development of over ten million square feet of shopping centers in more than 47 cities.